What If I Fail? Oh Darling, What If You Fly?

Fear. That was the emotion that kept me from starting my boutique. Regardless of the degrees I obtained, the research I had done, the successful entrepreneurs that I had followed from the beginning of their own journeys, and the business plans that I had made...fear of failing was what hindered Kimberly Grace Kollections from being born sooner. The trepidation was so overwhelming that I had somehow convinced myself that the possibilities would not be endless, but minuscule.

I was wrong. Completely.

There was no "a-ha moment" in which I decided to change my years old way of thinking. This year I simply just got tired of being afraid. Afraid to pursue a passion that I had for such a long time. If I fail, so what? At least I was able to go for it and ultimately know the outcome rather always ask myself "what if?" Moreover, always questioning "what coulda shoulda been" would end up weighing more heavily for me than not trying at all. Carrying that burden would be harder to bear than the dream itself.

I realized that the soft launch happened days ago, but I am beyond thrilled with the success that it has gained so far. This whole process has been such a learning experience and an enjoyable one at that. Something to call my own. Something that I have held has now come into fruition.

This is what it is like to fly. And KGK is just getting started.

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