Thank You!

I wanted to take a minute to express again my sincere gratitude for your love and continued support for me and my new boutique, Kimberly Grace Kollections. The soft launch was a success! Celebrating my birthday was twofold because I was able to see this little dream of mine that I have held for so long finally transform into a reality. I look back at this whirlwind of a year for me and I regret not having "jumped" sooner.

As a wife and mother to three littles, there are plenty of times in which I feel like I am always chasing time. Life is crazy busy! Am always needing more time for this, needing more time to do that. There is always something that needs to get done and always an errand you need to drive to. But if I can make the "getting ready" process easier for you and the kids, that would be considered a triumph. If would be one less thing to have to think about when you can put the time towards something else.

I have learned so much thus far. It is a lot fo work, but it is not work if you are having fun. And I am. I truly enjoy putting a collection together of my favorite things and then sharing it with others. To witness their love for it as they wear it is just sprinkles on top of the cake! That is pure satisfaction for me.

So, thank you for a memorable birthday. #35 holds a lot of sentimentality for me. I am just getting my feet wet in the boutique industry, but this is just the beginning. Continue to follow along with me on this journey! I have so many plans, giveaways, NEW ARRIVALS coming up. I cannot wait to share all of it. More Kollections to come!

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