Hold The Vision. Trust The Process

It is only Tuesday and it has been really busy to say the least. Learning what it takes to run a boutique, trying to seamlessly hop onto this invisible fashion wave of seasons...communicating with vendors, checking out the collections, when to order, what to order, meeting deadlines...are just a few tasks that I have been heavily engaged in. Did I mention that it was only Tuesday?

I have had this vision of what I want my boutique to become for such a long time. For it to embody anything short of my vision would not reach my goal. It would not be my dream. So, I work. I talk to and follow up with many successful entrepreneurs in order to obtain different perspectives. I take note on their advice and experiences. I research the logistics, the statistics, the prep needed for a boutique to be successful. Whether it was from people, studies, or real-life lessons, the knowledge that I have gained so far has been invaluable. I am constantly learning. And because of that, I am better prepared to move forward. For what KGK to be what I envisioned it to be.

There are a lot of fluid parts to the big picture, especially in the beginning. But it is a process. And as much as I want to start from level 1 to level 50; I need to remember that I cannot rush the process. Each step serves as a learning curve to grow. Every single entrepreneur has endured it. And if one can continue to trust the process through all of the milestones and growing pains, one may discover to have excelled into a higher level than she realized.

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